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South Carolina

T. Ed Garrison Cattle Complex
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Pendleton SC 29670

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Show Photos and Winners
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November 16, 2013
The Youth had some great awards! It was wonderful to see large entries and some very dedicated exhibitors!
       Top 5 of the Jr show                                                                                Champion- Black Old English Cockerel, Baylee Turpin
       Reserve Champion- White Cornish Hen, Tabitha Young
       3rd Best-Black Cochin Cockerel, Bradleann Willis
       4th Best- Modern, Conner Fail
       5th Best- Barred Plymonth Rock, Bradleann Willis
       Top 5 of the Open show
       Champion- Golden Sebright Cock, Jerry and Mary Ann Bonds
       Reserve Champion- Blue Wheaten Hen, Steve Ledford
       3rd Best- White Bearded Silkie Hen, Shorty Polston
       4th Best- Dark Cornish Cockerel, Anthony Ashley
       5th Best- Birchen Modern Cockerel, Tom Anderson
       Best Modern-Birchen Cockerel, Tom Anderson
       Reserve Modern- Brown Red Pullet, Tom Anderson
       Best Game- Blue Wheaten Old English Hen, Steve Ledford
       Reserve Game- Silver Duckwing Old English, TNT Bantams
       Best SCCL- White Plymouth Rock, Pete McConnell
       Reserve SCCL- SC White Leghorn, Joe & Annie Laura Hamrick
       Best RCCL- Golden Sebright Cock, Jerry & Mary Ann Bonds
       Reserve RCCL- White Wyandotte, Norman & Carol Hipps
       Best Feather Leg- White Bearded Silkie, Shorty Polston
       Reserve Feather Leg- Black Cochin Hen, Otes Ray
       Best AOCCL- Dark Cornish Cockerel, Anthony Ashley
       Reserve AOCCL- White Cornish Pullet, Anthony Ashley
       Best Duck- Gray Call Hen, Peachstate Poultry
       Reserve Duck- Black East Indies Cock, Peachstate Poultry
       Top 5 Old English
       1-Blue Wheaten Hen, Steve Ledford
       2-Silver Duckwing Cock, TNT Bantams
       3-Brown Red Cockerel, C & L Bantams
       4-Spangled Hen, Eddie Hudson
       5-Red Pyle Pullet, Pilot Mountain Poultry
       Best Display of the Show- BB Red Old English, TNT Bantams
       Reserve Display of the Show- Brassy Back Old English, Rick Murphy
Congratulations to Bradleyann Willis, our own Jr member, for her fabulous wins at the ABA Nationals, Dec 7, 2013!
Eastern Cochin Nationals Junior show Cochin Champion with a white pullet.
ABA Nationals Youth Show Best of Breed in Brahmas, Cochins and Plymouth Rocks!!

November 21, 2015
Show Champion - White Silkie Hen by P&G Silkies
Res. Show Champion - Blue Wheaten Hen by Jimmy Sorrells
3rd -Dark Cornish Cockerel by Tad Bussey
5th -White Rock Hen by Chad Blair

Best OE- Blue Wheaten Hen by Jimmy Sorrels
Res. OE- Lemon Blue Hen by Kellie and David Hamilton
3rd OE-Blue Red Cock by Bruce McCullers
4th OE-BB Red Cockerel by Pilot Mtn. Poultry
5th OE- Spangle Hen by Eddie Hudson

Best Junior- Black OE P by Mazi Sorrells
Res. Junior-Brown Red Modern Hen by Conner Fail
3rd Junior-White Jap Hen by Leah Hamilton
4th Junior- Dark Cornish Hen by Tabitha PL Young
5th Junior- Brown Red OE by Landon Jeff Simpson
November 19, 2016
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